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I grew up thinking that everyone worked with fabric, thread, and yarn and created the most beautiful things from nothing!

My grandmother had perfect stitches that are not to be believed. She sewed all her own clothes (including formals!) until she graduated college. While growing up she was always needle pointing something, including Christmas stockings for all her children and grandchildren.

My mother has the decorating bug and has created award winning girl’s dresses! She has her hand in so many artistic pots that it is impossible to keep track of them!

My sister makes new Christmas stockings each year for her family as she cannot seem to find ones she actually likes! One of her first sewing attempts was a Vogue pattern. My mother and I were horrified…but, the piece came out beautiful. She is also a crocheter and struggles with keeping her creating interests confined to a few areas.

I am no seamstress! I started quilting in the mid-90?s and loved it. For a number of reasons, I stopped quilting when I moved to Atlanta. I have always loved fabric and the movement within the design of fabric. While I *adore* fabric…I just don’t have what it takes to make women’s clothes. I needed to start learning at my grandmother’s (and her friend who made suits!) knee when I was a grasshopper.

Right now, I am in love with paper crafting,card making, creating handmade books, quilling, ATCs, mixed media, and the list goes on. Additionally, I do some locker hooking. You will find that my interests change and evolve.  I hope you choose to come with me while I explore, invent, and discover!

I have been an on and off home cook/chef for decades. I have done everything from sizzling rice soup, to mayonnaise, to falafels! I am no professional chef…but I can cook! This studio is just for my crafting and artistic side. You will find some recipes and my results; usually they are good…but, not always.  I usual use recipes I found somewhere else.  If I make something on the fly…I couldn’t produce a recipe under duress.

Additionally, you might find reviews and/or giveaways.  I am eclectic with a diverse set of interests.  You will find all my creative, cooking, and homemaking ideas on Craftisan Studios.

Cards Beyond Belief is a pay-it-forward project I started to send people greeting cards.

My partner and I live in south Georgia with our dog and two cats.

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