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DIY: Bath Salts


I go back and forth between making a lot of things for the house and making nothing. I take a bath every night in an awesome Victorian bath tub in a large bathroom that is well-appointed with great lighting.  I can even open the window treatments to enjoy looking outside. Bath salts are some of […]

Apricot Chocolate Pecan Cookies – Part 2

Rating: This is the revised recipe.  They are ok, but not better.  They just miss being dense, chewy, with a texture of over cooked oatmeal!  They still don’t have much flavor.  So, I got worse texture and no increase in flavor. I’m done with this recipe until I can find some apricot extract. Also, having […]

Biscuit Cutters: Fluted Round – Review

Biscuit Cutters

Rating:   These biscuit cutters  are part of my current fascination with baking incredible biscuits.  Until recently, I have always used Bisqiuck and done the drop biscuits.  Easy, no fuss. For some reason that hasn’t been sufficient lately AND I don’t even eat biscuits that often! As kitchen gadgets go these are pretty inexpensive and […]


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