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I haven’t managed to blog in quite a while. Putting Secular Woman together and surviving the last few weeks has been a full-time job! Secular Woman mobilized to such an incredible response that it was overwhelming. Both from a people LOVE our baby perspective and a time perspective. Remember there are ONLY four volunteers; all […]

Mobilizing Secular Woman

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I had an idea on May 20, 2012. Today it becomes real! Less than forty days from my epiphany about how I wanted to be an activist in secularism and atheism, Secular Woman mobilizes the beginning of her public life. We began with the seed of an idea. After quietly finding a few incredible women […]


State Bans Religion?

no religion

Brandon Europe (@brendant79) recently asked me, via twitter: “would you think a state where religion was banned was going 2 far?” I said I’d have to think about. Here is my short response: Depends! If the state began with no religion as a law and citizen bought into this at the beginning or when they […]

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