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I haven’t managed to blog in quite a while. Putting Secular Woman together and surviving the last few weeks has been a full-time job! Secular Woman mobilized to such an incredible response that it was overwhelming. Both from a people LOVE our baby perspective and a time perspective. Remember there are ONLY four volunteers; all […]

Mobilizing Secular Woman

Secular Woman Logo

I had an idea on May 20, 2012. Today it becomes real! Less than forty days from my epiphany about how I wanted to be an activist in secularism and atheism, Secular Woman mobilizes the beginning of her public life. We began with the seed of an idea. After quietly finding a few incredible women […]


State Bans Religion?

no religion

Brandon Europe (@brendant79) recently asked me, via twitter: “would you think a state where religion was banned was going 2 far?” I said I’d have to think about. Here is my short response: Depends! If the state began with no religion as a law and citizen bought into this at the beginning or when they […]

Children Draped in God

United States Flag

The Pledge of Allegiance (in its current incarnation) is a source of religious apartheid. It is prevalent throughout the United States, public schools, and at all levels of government. The Pledge is used to indoctrinate children into Christianity via our PUBLIC school system. The original Pledge did not include “under God” and was adopted by […]

Millions Taught a Fable


The seventh Guiding Principle is, “America’s youth shall never be subjected to religious bias in education. If there is one penny of government funds involved, there must not be one iota of religious bias or propaganda.” It is appalling that we set aside science for 2000-year-old stories. It is worse that some teach this to […]


Atheist Antics or Secular Change

Bridget Gaudette is the new State Director for Florida for American Atheists.  She also, recently, coordinated her first protest. The protest revolved around a ten commandment monument in front of the Bradford County Courthouse. What I want to point out is the adult nature of the protest; they picketed, talked with counterprotesters, and received nationwide […]

In Review: Women in Secularism

Last weekend I attended Women in Secularism. This will, hopefully, become an annual event. Overall, I give The Center For Inquiry and Melody Hensley an A+. What an incredible event, in terms of location, speakers, attendees, etc. First, I would like to give applause to Lauren Becker, the MC. Typically, this isn’t a responsibility that […]

The Post-Religious World?

Yesterday I read, “Why Humanists Need to Make the Shift to Post-Atheism.” The gist is, “Humanists need to start helping people make the transition away from religion, while at the same time working to create a relevant and vital humanist movement for the 21st century.” I seem to be caught in “time.” I recently wrote […]

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