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Trading the Patriarchy

Feminism Agency

This article about sex positive v. sex negative (or liberal v. radical) feminism came to my attention. Based on these descriptors and her definitions of them I clearly fall into the sex positive, liberal feminism camp.  I prefer to identify as a revolutionary feminist.  I want to dismantle the patriarchy at its core. Smoothing the […]


Take Your Top Off


I have never told this story.  Only a very few know it. Categorizing this a sexual assault doesn’t feel right.  But, it seems close. Almost 30 years ago, I was managing a small retail shop in a medium-to-large size strip mall (20-30 stores).  Behind my store (where you parked to get in) was a well-traveled […]



#WhyIDidntReport the first time… Because I was 3 & 1/2. — Khadijah M. Britton (@KMBTweets) April 12, 2014 This is heart wrenching.  I have nothing to add…other than this *must* change.  As a society we cannot allow this to happen to anyone, we must do better.

Tents, Teams, and Friendship

finger friends

Currently, I am in the middle of listening to Boy’s Adrift.  One concept is really sticking out as something to explore in relation to the atheist community. A little about me…I grew up with women in a matriarchal family.  Yes, there were men; but few.  My father is an only child.  My mother is the […]


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