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Tents, Teams, and Friendship

finger friends

Currently, I am in the middle of listening to Boy’s Adrift.  One concept is really sticking out as something to explore in relation to the atheist community. A little about me…I grew up with women in a matriarchal family.  Yes, there were men; but few.  My father is an only child.  My mother is the […]


David Silverman Meets Hyperskeptics

td bank

The back story can be found here.  Basically, Amanda Knief and David Silverman of American Atheists were refused notary service at a bank for “personal reasons.” Today David posted this Facebook status.  Apparently, some people think David and Amanda are lying about their experience. What I see is hyperskepticsm at work.  I have written about […]


Next? Forced Birth Camps!

Abortion is not a Debate

When you say that someone’s right to make decisions for their body is reduced to an organ you dehumanize that person.  You reduce, diminish, and decimate their full humanity in favor of said organ.  What you say is that when a women’s uterus is doing its biological function that woman is an incubator. Additionally, when […]


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