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PTSD: Just the Facts

PTSD Awareness Ribbon

PTSD is currently a topic in the atheist community.  One of our feminist leaders is being harassed in an attempt to push another woman off the internet and out of the atheist community.  She has been diagnosed with PTSD and is being vilified for having this condition…as it simply couldn’t have happened as the result […]

No More PTSD+Research

Paul Loebe on Research

Apparently we have had enough research into PTSD.  The same logic applies to all research, so we should just stop doing it. There is no need to research HIV, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, evolution, the beginnings of the universe, outer space, etc.  Hundreds of millions have been spent…so, no more research is needed.  

Tents, Teams, and Friendship

finger friends

Currently, I am in the middle of listening to Boy’s Adrift.  One concept is really sticking out as something to explore in relation to the atheist community. A little about me…I grew up with women in a matriarchal family.  Yes, there were men; but few.  My father is an only child.  My mother is the […]


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