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Have a bless day? Erm, NOOOOO!

Have a Blessed Day

I have been going rounds with Bank of America customer service recently (see post on reporting fraud).  Mostly, while a frustrating situation the customer service representatives have been above average. This morning?  Not so much! The representative just kept repeating the same thing over and over and over and over as if I was too […]

The Preacher Next Door

Police Tape

Seriously, one lives across the street.  There has been a sign for a religious radio program since we moved in (about a month ago), which I ignored hoping he was simply promoting it.  Then another sign went up about a church.  He also speaks into a device outside a LOT.  We could never figure out […]

PTSD: Just the Facts

PTSD Awareness Ribbon

PTSD is currently a topic in the atheist community.  One of our feminist leaders is being harassed in an attempt to push another woman off the internet and out of the atheist community.  She has been diagnosed with PTSD and is being vilified for having this condition…as it simply couldn’t have happened as the result […]

No More PTSD+Research

Paul Loebe on Research

Apparently we have had enough research into PTSD.  The same logic applies to all research, so we should just stop doing it. There is no need to research HIV, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, evolution, the beginnings of the universe, outer space, etc.  Hundreds of millions have been spent…so, no more research is needed.  

Tents, Teams, and Friendship

finger friends

Currently, I am in the middle of listening to Boy’s Adrift.  One concept is really sticking out as something to explore in relation to the atheist community. A little about me…I grew up with women in a matriarchal family.  Yes, there were men; but few.  My father is an only child.  My mother is the […]


David Silverman Meets Hyperskeptics

td bank

The back story can be found here.  Basically, Amanda Knief and David Silverman of American Atheists were refused notary service at a bank for “personal reasons.” Today David posted this Facebook status.  Apparently, some people think David and Amanda are lying about their experience. What I see is hyperskepticsm at work.  I have written about […]


Next? Forced Birth Camps!

Abortion is not a Debate

When you say that someone’s right to make decisions for their body is reduced to an organ you dehumanize that person.  You reduce, diminish, and decimate their full humanity in favor of said organ.  What you say is that when a women’s uterus is doing its biological function that woman is an incubator. Additionally, when […]


Mixed Feelings

mixed feelings

Fred Phelps formerly of Westboro Baptist Church is reportedly dying.  This is national and perhaps international news.  It is all over progressive social media.  Many are gleeful or making typical comments.  Another sentiment I am seeing is the  admonition to be understanding and respectful (characterize it as you will) as Phelps’ son is in the […]

Hyperskepticism is the Antithesis of Critical Thinking


What is Hyperskepticism? It is something in my experience that is unique to the atheist, secular and skeptic communities. Fundamentally it is finding only peer reviewed scientific evidence sufficient – or some close proximity. Basically, the highest standard is required all the time. Or there might be some other standard, but it goes undefined and […]


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